11 Everyday Foods For A Longer, Healthier Life

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fresh fruits
4kodiak/Getty Images
cu halved avocado
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view of sweet potatoes in soil
multi-bits/Getty Images
rotating broccoli
rocketclips/Getty Images
cu pan rows of pumpkins
alan becker productions/Getty Images
preparing and cutting fresh pumpkins
GMVozd/Getty Images
various dry legumes
piyaset/Getty Images
ms r/f brazillian typical grains
fina filmes/Getty Images
fresh asparagus
lewkmiller/Getty Images
boiling quinoa in pot
bplanet/Getty Images
two videos of hands holding beetroots
mastershot/Getty Images
slicing beet
peresmeh/Getty Images
blueberries tossed in water
benchmark films/Getty Images
cu pan shot of garlic bulb
shoreditch park studios/Getty Images
crushing and squeezing garlic on kitchen board
gmvozd/Getty Images
cu, green tea being poured
christian dauphin/Getty Images
green tea
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