Easy Fried Beef Dumplings (Gyoza)


1 lb of ground beef
1/2 cup of onions
1/2 cup of scallions
2 Tbsp. of soy sauce
2 garlic cloves
1/2 Tbsp. of grated ginger
1 Tbsp. of sesame oil
1 tsp of white pepper
egg wash
gyoza wrapper
Sriracha sauce
chopped scallions


Mix together the ground beef, onions, scallions, soy sauce, cloves, grated ginger, sesame oil and white pepper.

Place a spoonful of the ground beef mix into the center of the gyoza wrapper, brush the edges with egg wash, fold over and press to seal.

Fry the dumplings in oil until golden brown and crispy. Garnish with Sriracha and chopped scallions. Enjoy! All Tasty music provided by Audio Network and Warner Chappell Inc. Used with permission